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Who Sucks?

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace,
"Urban Idiots in Nature"

Irony: The very same people who's endless growth policies have enriched themselves while killing our natural environment have a club where they claim their love for nature: The Sierra Club. And Greenpeace. Yeah, sure. Just keep saying that it's "green," drive your worthless electric yuppie cars, and keep growing those massive urban death trap mega-cities, you idiots.

As soon as they stop supporting the source of the problem, endless irresponsible growth, these organizations can start contributing real solutions. Right now, they are less than worthless. They attack the symptoms while ignoring the underlying corruptions that create the symptoms. They are dangerous perpetuators and participants in the system that perpetuates these political and material crimes against nature, our founding polilitical principals, and each other.

Yeah, let's go nuclear so we can keep growing... what idiots. Growth is the problem, our corrupt political system its midwife, meaning that playing in a crooked game is not the solution.

I've got some Sierra Club stories that will come out down the trail...Just be warned that both Greenpeace and The Sierra Club are "corporate greeens," and will trip over their own lips talking about how irresponsible growth is "green," and how good it is for us. Yeah, Sure.

Forty years of unrestrained, irresponsible growth has already drained our natural resources and driven seasonal changes that have irrevocably changed the Sierras, and the damage is accelerating.

Open your damn-fool eyes.

This ridiculous system of political corruption and environmental destruction we live within does not represent our fundamental ethical values either as Americans or Humans, it has failed politically and collapsed economically, and these policies of irresponsible growth and greed long long ago failed our environment.

We must eliminate the corruptions of corporate bribery from our political system before it can be effectively used to restore, let alone defend our democratic rights and environment. Until we achieve that goal of removing corruption from politics, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club will be overuled by the political players who have more money.

Our current system serves the richest bribers first, and everyone else last. I know that. You know that. Greenpeace and the Sierra Club know this.

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace have put green lipstick on this stinking pig, and call it a cute pony... Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are nothing more than Corporate Phonies who make themselves feel good while never addressing the fundamental issues that have driven, and are still driving, the ecological disaster we are experiencing:

Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are arranging the deck chairs, serving drinks, playing music, and making sure all the urban yuppie passengers on our environmental Titanic feel green as the ship goes down.

John Muir (and George Washington) are spinning in their graves!

The Bottom Line

We ravaged our democracy, and have subsequently savaged our natural environment. It's time to stop the one to save the other. Both demand your service. Not lip service, nor "green lipsitck," and certainly not by trying to outspend or out gun the corporations in our corrupted political arena. Everyone knows they will lose that battle before it even begins.

Why? It's the wrong battle.

Stop deluding yourself!

We already have a country full of fake "patriots' and fake "environmentalists," who's actions and beliefs define them as nothing more than deluded consumers of a corporate empire. Oh, but they are "green" consumers, and "patriot" consumers, and both are less than worthless...they are fakes.

They color themselves green while feeding the urban growth machine that has already eaten both our environment and our rights.

Our goal is to smash to political corruption that has captured our institutions. Only then will legislative initiatives be effective.

Wearing an American Flag or a Sierra Club emblem on your lapel does not alter your identity or position as an urban consumer idiot in a corporate state one iota. A consumer has no constructive political or natural identity, and we don't need creatures of that nature in our country or the backcountry.

If you believe being an American means unrestrained material greed you are not an American. Being an American is only achieved by believing and acting on a set of ethical principals, not the crude emotion of greed.

Only your ethical American Beliefs put into Action can define you as an real advocate and defender of our democratic system, as well as our natural environment. The front line of this fight is ending the demographic growth that has stripped the resources and altered the environment of our nation, then taking back our democratic institutions from the greedy wealthy and the selfish powerful interests that have captured them.

Without driving the bribery/corporate funding out of politics all political efforts to save our environment are doomed. Bribery is the "ace in the hole" that must be removed from our political process before politics can be an effective tools to protect our environment and rights.

Without taking back our democracy, our chances of saving America's environment and resources are virtually nil. If we cannot restore our democratic institutions we won't have a chance of stopping what has driven our environmental destruction: the out of control demographic growth that our corporate masters have used since the 1880s to rape our natural environment.

If we don't restore democracy our corporate masters are going to finish stripping our land and smasing our rights.

Our environment's fate, its very life or death is currently controlled by the corporations and their "green" minions. The Sierra Club and Greenpeace support the corporate state's endless growth policies. They are sell-outs to the corporate system.

They are the corporate greens.

The energy industry is gearing up right now for a major campaign of drilling and fracking to feed this never-ending irresponsible growth. (2014 update: Done and done!)

The corporates throw the taunting phrase, "what do you want, people or trees?" at the Sierra Club, and they resoundingly answer, "people," sacrificing the environment they pretend to protect.

Thus they are "corporate greens."

These two fundamental goals, and restoring our democracy and stopping growth, represent our only logical and effective strategy for restoring America's environment. Our environment cannot live without a democracy, and both our democracy and our environment are currently on life support in the ICU.

Radical Redneck

Some call me a "redneck," others a "radical." I don't care. I clearly see the trail leading to the restoration of our rights and resources requires the best elements of both.

The trail back to restoring our country's physical and ethical qualities crosses terrain that offers the best use of each quality, of Redneck and Radical, to those few who truly seek this noble and just destination.

The Redneck conservative will preserve what few resources we still have left, while the radical will call us back to our original democratic principals.

Greenpeace and the Sierra Club will do neither, and both are working hard to allow our natural environment to be finished off by our rapidly swelling population while they make the urban consumer masses feel "green" by pretending that participation in a corrupted political process will preserve nature.

It will not. It has not.

Our current process brought us to the destruction of our rights and environment, and it must be changed to restore either.

They treat nature like it is a ride at Disneyland.

It is far past the time that honest Americans should have stepped forward to put aside the false god of endless growth fueling our insatiable greed, take away control of our government from the businessmen, and restore the democratic sovereignty of the citizen.

Are we consumers of a corporate fascist state or citizens of a democratic republic?

That is the question we must ask and honestly answer to even begin to get any traction against our current situation.

The honest answer allows us to finally begin rebuilding both our environment and our middle class by recognizing and smashing the practices, processes, and policies that have smashed both... but neither our environment nor our citizens will prosper until we honestly recognize that our democratic republic has been transformed into a brutal corporate fascist state running a vicious global empire.

That's a fact, and until we change this fact our efforts to save our environment are doomed to fail.

Restoring the concept and reality of being Citizens of the Republic will allow the wisdom and ethics of our citizens to balance our society out between themselves and with nature, based on the general welfare of our country, rather than mindless consumers fueling the corrupt profits of the corporations.
Understanding and acting on our own founding principals is the only way we will be able to rescue our fundamental political rights, and attempt to preserve the few tattered pieces of our natural environment that remain.

EVERYTHING has already changed, and is rapidly setting up for even more dramatic changes.

Paying a few pennies to the Sierra Club and Greenpeace to "protect nature" failed decades ago. The corporations won the bribery game before the game even started.

Both Greenpeace and the Sierra Club know this, but will not act on what they already know.

And, we desperatly need democracy to rescue what remains of our access to medicine, to retirement, and to decent wages while trying to preserve the last remnants of nature... our time to save ourselves is getting very short.

Our corrupted corporate "leadership," (Democrap and Repugnant) and our corrupted corporate "greens" who pretend that lobbying within this corrupted political status-quo will stop the destruction of our environment and rights are kidding themselves and pulling the "green" wool over the public's eyes.

Our corrupted polity and the fools who work within it are insufficient for the gravity of the tasks we face.

They are more concerned with feeding their fat consumer faces than preserving natural places. The Sierra Club and Greenpeace are holding hands singing kumbiah, as our natural environment is burning around them. Literally burning.

These organizations are suitable for making consumers of a corporate state feel good, feel "green," but both are completely insufficient for the defense of our environment.

Let's get serious, folks. These are the most fundamental threats facing humanity.

If we continue as we have, our corporate masters, the corporate greens, their Armies of Lobbyists, and their thoroughly bribed and dishonorable Democraptic and Repugnant Minions are going to finish off our environment, just has they have already finished off our democracy.

Saving the former demands saving the latter.

I call on the Sierra Club and Greenpeace to redeem themselves by targeting the criminals who have subverted our government and corrupted our political process. Arguing in a corrupted political arena gives these corrupted politicians credibility they do not deserve.

If they really want to save our environment they must identify and act against the policies and process that destroyed it in the first place.

To paraphrase a corporate devil,



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