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Map Banner: Tahoe to Yosemite Trail at Meeks Bay and the North Desolation Wilderness.
Dicks Lake
USGS TOPO HIKING MAPS: Meeks Bay, Homewood, Emerald Bay, and Rockbound Valley
Lake Aloha
Dicks, and Fontanillis Lakes from Dicks Pass

Meeks Bay Trail Head to Dicks Pass Topo Hiking Map

Starting The Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

4 USGS 7.5 minute Topo Hiking Maps of the North Desolation Wilderness out of Meeks Bay

Aloha Lake under Pyramid Peak from Dicks Pass
Topo Maps INDEX Meeks Bay to Echo Summit North map, NONE
Lake Tahoe Trailheads Map

Central Desolation 7.5 Topo Hiking Map Phipps Pass to Lake Aloha

South Desolation Wilderness 7.5 Map
Lake Aloha to Echo Lake

7.5 min map SOUTH detail

Lake Genevieve to Phipps Pass

Full Desolation Wilderness Topo Map

Click RED DOTS for the Trail Guide Page

30 minute
North Desolation

Trail Guide: Meeks Bay Weather all maps miles and elevations all pages map info

North Desolation Wilderness Map

16.83 mile Topo Hiking Map of Meeks Bay Trailhead to Dicks Pass along the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

Mileage and Elevations         Click Red Dots         30 minute North Desolation

Below: North Desolation, Meeks Bay trail head to Dicks Pass                                7.5 Central Desolation Wilderness topo map: Phipps Pass to Lake Aloha                                 7.5 South Desolation Wilderness topo map: Dicks Pass to Echo Lake

Meeks Bay Trailhead region topo hiking map.
The Northern Desolation Wilderness High Density 7.5 minute Topo Hiking Map: magnify for greater detail.

Above: North Desolation, Meeks Bay trail head to Dicks Pass                                7.5 Central Desolation Wilderness topo map: Phipps Pass to Lake Aloha                                 7.5 South Desolation Wilderness topo map: Dicks Pass to Echo Lake

More Maps

7.5 min Detailed TOPO HIKING MAP Segment: Lake Genevieve to Phipps Pass

30 min North Desolation Wilderness TOPO HIKING MAP: Meeks Bay to Middle Velma Lake

Meeks Bay trail head, Lake Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

Main Features: Meeks Bay is the first trailhead for backpacking the Classic Tahoe to Yosemite Trail, and an excellent entry point for short backpacking trips and loops into the North Desolation Wilderness.

For trips shorter than hiking the whole TYT down to Yosemite we can backpack across the 28.71 mile length of the Desolation Wilderness down to the Southernmost Desolation Trailhead at Lower Echo Lake. This section can be part of our hike to a destination further South, a trip in itself, or an element in a nice 2 to 5 day backpacking loop around the Desolation Wilderness.

In pursuit of trip flexibility the trail guide also measures the distances from access trails and trailheads to the main Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Routes from Eagle Falls and Bayview Camp along the Western Shore of Lake Tahoe. Locate the red dot marking the junction on the topo map you are interested in, and click it to review the trail guide information for that location.

Trailheads paralleling the Tahoe to Yosemite and Pacific Crest Trail routes all the way from Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney allow us to craft nice trailhead-to-trailhead and loop trips along the High Sierra trails between Tahoe to Whitney. Using a section of the PCT-TYT to connect two trailheads or as part of a hiking loop is real rewarding, especially around the Northern Desolation Wilderness, which is crisscrossed by a web of trails.

Meeks Bay is good for a lot more than just beginning your long trip down to Yosemite and on to the Whitney Portal.

Meeks Bay can be the beginning of the perfect short trip for you, be it a short in-and-out trip up to Rubicon Lake and back, a longer hiking loop around the Velmas and West out to Bayview Camp, or a big hiking trip down the length of Desolation Wilderness to Lower Echo Lake.

Though this guide describes the Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Trail routes spanning Desolation Wilderness from Meeks Bay to the Whitney Portal, you can break off as big or little piece of trail as suits you.

Trail Guide Bookends for this Topo Map

The topo map above depicts the Tahoe to Yosemite trail from Meeks Bay Trailhead to Dicks Pass.


Desolation Wilderness Mapping Information, miles, and Elevations

Miles and Elevations

Meeks Bay Trailhead to Phipps Pass

2561 feet, 8.88 miles

Location                         Elevation           Mileage

Start: Meeks Bay               6239                     0


Lake Genevieve                 7400                  4.39


Crag Lake                         7440                  4.77


Hidden Lake Jnct               7560                  5.35


N. side, Stony Ridge Lake   7800                  6.03


S. side, Stony Ridge Lake   7800                   6.62


Rubicon Lake                    8360                   7.75


Grouse Lake Jnct               8400                   7.89


Grouse Lake Jnct 2            8800                   8.73


Phipps Pass                      8800                  8.88

All Miles/Elevations: Meeks Bay to Echo Summit

Backpacking Permitting Authority

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

Contact Information

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

National Forest


Wilderness Area

Desolation Wilderness, TahoeWhitney

Desolation Wilderness, the feds.

Physical Location

Meeks Bay Trailhead and Highway 89

Meeks Bay on Road Map

USGS Topo Map Information


Map Names
I stitched together 4 USGS 7.5 maps to make this baby:

NE: Meeks Bay (1992)

NW: Homewood (1992)

SW: Rockbound Valley (1992)

SE: Emerald Bay (1992)


Compass Offset
Magnetic North is 15 and 1/2 minutes East of True North


1:24 000

40 Feet


Tahoe to Alpine Trail Guide Index

Meeks Bay trail head, Trail Guide



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Elevations   More Information

Lake Tahoe: 6226 feet

Phipps Pass: 8800 feet

elevation rise: 2574 feet

Trail Guide, Section: Meeks Bay to The Carson Gap

Trail Guide Page: Meeks Bay Trail head

Google Map: All Lake Tahoe trailheads


Map Credit

U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior:


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USGS Topographic
Map Information

Map Symbols


The Trail Guide: Meeks Bay Trailhead


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