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Meeks Bay to Echo Summit

Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

Hiking the Desolation Wilderness
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SOUTH Echo Summit
Carson Pass
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Carson Pass
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Backpacking Topo Maps

Tahoe to Yosemite Trail
Desolation Wilderness

Meeks Bay to Echo Summit
30.71 miles

11.5 miles South from the Tahoe to Yosemite Trailhead at Meek Bay we join the Pacific Crest Trail for the rest of our hike South through the Desolation Wilderness.
7.5 minute maps   30 minute maps

The 7.5 minute series are detailed Topo maps of each segment of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail between Meeks Bay and Echo Summit down the length of Desolation Wilderness.

North Desolation Wilderness

Meeks Bay to Dicks Pass

Lake Genevieve to Phipps Pass detail


Central Desolation Wilderness

Phipps Pass to Lake Aloha

Lake Aloha detail


South Desolation Wilderness

South Desolation Wilderness

Upper Echo Lake detail

Lower Echo Lake detail

Full Echo Lakes detail


Hiking South out of Desolation Wilderness

Echo Lake to Echo Summit detail


The Map below is a huge 30 min map depicting the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail between Meeks Bay and Echo Summit. The dotted trail route is linked to detailed maps of each section of trail.

Meeks Bay Trailhead to Echo Lake Trailhead

Run your cursor over the marked trail route and click for the detailed 7.5 maps for that area.

Clicking Red Dots brings you to the guide page for that location.

Below are smaller 30 min map segments. They will give you a better idea of the overall terrain beyond the trail than the narrow scope of the 7.5 min maps.

1> Meeks Bay to Middle Velma Lake

2> Phipps Pass through Echo Summit

This collection of 7.5 and 30 minute maps, along with a couple of 1 X 2 degree maps thrown in, are designed to give us levels of resolution to understand these trails.

The big maps provide an overall perspective of the surrounding terrain highlighting local trailheads and the potential for loops and in-and-out trips along the TYT and PCT routes.

The 7.5 maps give us a detailed look at each segment of the main trail.


What's Up?

11.5 miles South out of the Meeks Bay Trailhead the Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Trail routes intersect to hike together South across Desolation Wilderness. This trail junction is .82 miles North of Middle Velma Lake.

The TYT and PCT continue South together across Meiss Country Roadless Area to the Carson Gap. This route is also shared by the Tahoe Rim Trail, until it heads Northeast towards Big Meadow from the trail junction at Meiss Cabin.

Note the red dots scattered along the black-dotted trail route on each map. These dots are links to the specific trail guide page entry for that location. Check 'em out.

Each trail Guide page provides specific information about that particular location, including mileage and elevation information, nearby features, lots of pictures, some videos, and a written description. The goal is to give you a basic familiarity that you can build on as you hike.

You are invited to add your perspective and experiences through the comments links on every page. Many perspectives build better understanding. These comments links lead to the forum for that specific location. On these forums you can leave comments or post up about your own local trips and adventures along this section of the long trails down to Mount Whitney.

I'm laying down the backbone trails along the Sierra Crest. The Tahoe to Yosemite Trail in the North Sierra, the John Muir Trail in the South Sierra, and the Pacific Crest Trail between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

Your addition of side trips, loops, scrambles, and just basic advice and shared experience makes for a great trail guide.

Lake Tahoe to Carson Pass
Map Index

The next set of Maps South
Echo Summit to Carson Pass


Map Credit

U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior


Get your free USGS topo hiking maps from the


USGS Topographic Maps

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What do think about this map set up? What's your favorite hiking map for this section? The comments section below is for map comments and information. If you have questions or comments about the trails themselves, post through the trail guide page for that location.
Meeks Bay to Echo Summit
Meeks Bay to Echo Summit Maps
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