Sunset from Round Top Lake on15 Lost Keys Lake
Killer Sunset at The Sisters near Carson Pass Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney: Crown Jewel of the Pacific Crest Trail Need a Map? Lost Al near Lost Keys Lake
USGS Topo Backpacking Map, Lake Aloha to Echo Lake in the Desolation Wilderness.

Dicks Lake

  Lake Aloha
Dicks, and Fontanillis Lakes from Dicks Pass

East of Aloha Lake through the Echo Lake Trailhead hiking map

Hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite and Pacific Crest Trails through Southern Desolation Wilderness

7.5 minute USGS Backpacking Topo Map: Echo Lake

Aloha Lake under Pyramid Peak from Dicks Pass

Map Index

Meeks Bay to Echo Summit

North 7.5 map Lake Aloha

Lake Aloha

South 7.5 MAP Echo Lake to Echo Summit

South 30 min map Echo Lake To Carson Pass

North Echo

South Echo

Full Desolation Wilderness Topo Map

30 min MAP section Phipps Pass to Echo Summit Trailhead Click map dots for links to Trail Guide Page

Trail Guide Junctions South of Lake Aloha

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South Desolation Wilderness 5.54 miles from Lucille-Majory Lakes junction to Lower Echo Lake Trailhead
North: Lake Aloha to Boat Taxi                               Miles and Elevations                               Click Red Dots                         South: Haypress Meadow to Highway 50
USGS Backpacking Topo Map, Lake Aloha to Echo Lake.

North: Lake Aloha                              Miles and Elevations                          South: Haypress Meadow to Highway 50                          Further South: Echo Summit to Carson Pass

Desolation Wilderness Mapping Information, miles, and Elevations


North side of Aloha Lake to Echo Lake trailhead: 7.55 miles

Also see Lake Aloha 30 min Map

I am particularly impressed by the depiction of Lake Aloha full during Spring above, and how it looks during Fall on the 30 min Map.

Meeks Bay to Echo Summit

Meeks Bay trail head to Lake Genevieve: 4.39 miles

Lake Genevieve to Middle Velma Lake: 7.93 miles

Middle Velma to N. side, Aloha Lake: 8.84 miles

North side of Aloha Lake to Echo Lake trail head: 7.55 miles

Echo Lake trail head to Echo Summit Trail head: 2 miles


Meeks Bay trail head to Echo Lake trailhead: 28.71 miles

Meeks Bay trail head to Echo Summit trailhead: 30.71 miles

miles and elevations

Lake Tahoe to Lake Alpine Trail Guide Index

Meeks Bay trail head

Backpacking Permitting Authority

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

TahoeWhitney: Contact Information

Feds: Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

National Forest


Wilderness Area:

Desolation Wilderness, TahoeWhitney

Desolation Wilderness, the feds.


Meeks Bay trail head

Between Highway 89 and Highway 50 in the Desolation Wilderness

USGS Map Information

Map Name: Echo Lake Calif.-Nev., 1992, 7.5 minute Topographic


Compass Offset: Magnetic North is 18 degrees, 34 minutes East of True North


scale: 1:24 000

Contours: 40 feet


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Back to the Meeks Bay trail head


Physical location

Desolation Wilderness Region Map

Tahoe to Alpine Trail Guide Index



North 7.5 map: Lake Aloha                                                                                                                                        South 7.5 min map: Echo Lake to Echo Summit

Elevations   More Information

Lake Aloha: 8120 feet

Echo Lake Trailhead : 7414 feet

Elevation change: -706

Nearby Mountain Altitudes

Keiths Dome: 8646

Echo Peak: 8895

Flagpole Peak: 8639

Ralston Peak: 9235

Talking Mountain: 8824

Trail Guide, Section: Meeks Bay to The Carson Gap


Trail Guide, Segment: Meeks Bay Trail head


Google Map: All Lake Tahoe trailheads


Map Credit

U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Inferior



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USGS Topographic Map Information

Map Information

Map Symbols

The Tahoe to Yosemite Trail begins at

Meeks Bay Trailhead


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