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High Sierra Trail Culture Report VII: Late July to Early August 2010


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Monday, July 26,

Heading up to Lunch Medow via Summit Creek through Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

After camping at Sheep Camp, I continued South through the Emigrant Basin to Bond Pass and the entrance to Yosemite, where I rejoined the Pacific Crest Trail

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Hwy 395 to Corral Valley

Corral Valley to PCT at East Carson River

The E Carson Headwaters to the Sonora Pass

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Hiking towards Brown Bear Pass

Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

Stubblefield Canyon to Cold Canyon

Cold Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows


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Big Topo Map

Sonora Pass to Bensen Lake map


Looking Northwest down Summit Creek over Lunch Meadow towards Kennedy Meadows.

Note how the SW side of the Valley is Granite, and the NE side is Volcanic.


Summit Creek Below Brown Bear Pass

Brown Bear Pass from just South of the Pass. Like the Valley, the Pass itself is Volcanic on the North side, and Volcanic on the South.

Ancient Volcanos poured Lava on the Granite.

Brown Bear Pass from the West



Horse Packer's Trail Dog



Horse Packer's Dog






The Horse Packer who belongs to the Dog, heading up to Brown Bear Pass.





Horse Packer headed towards Brown Bear Pass


View of Emigrant Basin, with Emigrant Meadow Lake and Grizzly Peak in view.



Emigrant Basin from Brown Bear Pass




Bond Pass, the entrance to Yosemite's Jack Main Canyon and the Pacific Crest Trail from Emigrant Wilderness

Bond Pass

Medic and Flyboy

Medic, and his brother Flyboy, were waiting down South for the Sierras to clear of snow sufficiently for them to follow the Pacific Crest Trail. As that was going at its own pace, Medic had an idea.

Medic called the Mountain Air Rock Festival, and told them they would work if they could see the show.

Mountain Air said, "sure, how many PCTers are coming?"

Medic said, "14," and brought 14 idle Pacific Crest Trailers up to the Mountain Air Rock Festival to work and party while waiting for the Sierras to clear of snow.

I will note the Mountain Air Pacific Crest Trail hikers with a "MA."

Medic also told me how "Flyboy" got his name. Medic and Flyboy hike at different rates. Flyboy was a couple of miles behind Medic on this day.

Earlier in their hike they became separated in the Desert. Flyboy apparently got by Medic, and tramped out into the desert. Unable to find him with the help of nearby Pacific Crest Trail hikers, Medic called the Authorities, who put up a copter, and found Medic's brother blazing trail into the desert.

They picked him up and brought him back, and he was christened "Flyboy" by that experience.





Medic, from Florida, at the head of Jack Main Canyon below both Bond and Dorthy Lake Passes.

See the Bond Pass sign behind Medic?

I don't have a pictue of his brother, Flyboy, who I ran into while I was being eaten by mosquitoes...



Medic, just below Bond Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail

This is Clint from Michigan.

Clint is hiking sections of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Clint is coming down from the Tilden Lake Loop, not a part of the PCT.

Clint loves to explore all the nooks and crannies of the trail.

He climbed Cirque Peak, and says that Cottonwood Pass is a better way to get to the 395 corridor than going over Mount Whitney.

Clint on the way down from his Tilden Lake detour off of the Pacific Crest Trail

This is a Trout that was fishing for insects along the shore of Tilden Lake.

It was patrolling a section of the shore, snapping up the insects.

Fish hunting for insects in Tilden Lake

I also met Brains, in his green Kilt. But I lost his picture!

Sorry Brains!


Meet RedCash and Lures.

They hail from Seattle, so when they finish the PCT they will not be far from home.



Red Cash and Lures, Pacific Crest Trail Backpackers

Fred, Renee, and Naiomi were part of the Mountain Air Crew.

I really enjoyed our little party!




Crow, Dundee, and Scorpion.

It was Dundee's Birthday, so we stopped and had an inpromptu birthday party.

It was a great party!

Happy BD Renee!

Crow, Dundee, and Scorpion



A beautiful Painted Skimmer landed near me, and let me get this neat picture.






The host of your Tahoe to Whitney Web Site,


See how I have one crazy eye, and one serious eye?

(you pick 'em)

What's up with that?

Stubblefield Canyon, July 2009.


Alex, your guide




The Stubblefield Horse ford, July 2010.

The backpacker's ford is to the left, and involves a short wade, then a log crossing.

(July 2010)



Stubblefield Ford


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