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Morning Frost on the Bensen Lake Beach
  Morning frost on Bensen Lake's beach, September 2009. A 19 degree morning.  
High Sierra Trail Culture Report VIII: Late July to Early August 2010


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Friday and Saturday, July 30-31, 2010

Stubblefield to Cold Canyon


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Hwy 395 to Corral Valley

Corral Valley to PCT at East Carson River

The E Carson Headwaters to the Sonora Pass

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Hiking towards Brown Bear Pass

Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

Stubblefield Canyon to Cold Canyon

Cold Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows



Sonora Pass to Bensen Lake map



Stubblefield Canyon Camp in 2009, with the prone Pacific Crest Trai hikers, Chile and Party Dog, also known as the ChileDog Team.



Stubblefield Camp, July 2009, Chile and Party Dog




Singer, from San Francisco (hey neighbor) approaching the South side of the Stubblefield Ford.

Singer looks good, and is doing the Mount Whitney to Lake Tahoe Section of the Pacific Crest Trail.





Singer on South side of Stubblefield Ford


B2 stopped by my place in Berkeley to talk about his hitch hiking and backpacking route from the SF Bay Area up to the Olympic National Park in Washington


B2, from Poland, was walking with Singer in Stubblefield Canyon, But I somehow lost his pic. This replacement picture is from the North Side of Forrester Pass.


B2, shot from North side of Forrester


Oh no! My shoulder strap lost its grommet at the top of the climb between Stubblefield Canyon and Kerrick Canyon.

Pack breakdown between Stubblefield and Kerrick Canyons in Yosemite


Since I was watching my backpack fall apart, I brought the pieces that I anticipated I might need along the trail.

After a quick fix, I was shortly heading South again.



Pack Fixed. I had an extra piece of webbing ready for this.

I met Dave last year at the Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes.

Dave was hell 'o tore up by either Giradia or Cryposporidium.

Though he was in geat pain and very weak, his excellent character, the one that carried him across the PCT, was still evident.



This is Dave Bewby from Sarasota Fl, finishing his last section of the PCT. Nathan of Conn. is on the left.

Congratulations Dave!



Nathan and Dave in Kerrick Canyon, Yosemite






Bensen Lake in the Morning.

Bensen Lake in the morning


Bensen Lake's beach with frost, in late September 2009. It hit 19 degrees that evening.



Bensen Lake beach with morning frost, late September, 2009



Steve and Brenda at their camp on the Bensen Beach.

Steve and Brenda are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. But the heavy snows in the Sierras caused them to hike a Northern Section first, then drop back down to the Sierras when the snows cleared.

Nice folks. Living in Oregon now, they were long time residents of Arizona.



Steve and Brenda at Bensen Lake in the morning


Woodrose and Mule Skinner.

Rose would not tell me where they were from, but from their accents I put them from either New York City or Miami, Florida.

I'm not going to comment further on people who are, well, not very sociable.

Fine-if you want to cop an attitude on the trail, I just move on...


 Wood Rose and Mule Skinner at Smedberg Lake  

The very Sociable Josh Myers at Smedberg Lake.

Josh is a professional long distance wilderness photographer, stud,(30 miles per day) and a hell of a nice guy.

Yes, "professional" means Josh is getting paid to run the PCT.

Backpacker Magazine has paid Josh to shoot stock photos of the Pacific Crest Trail for an upcoming feature on the Pacific Crest Trail that they are planning on running.

Right on, Josh!


Josh Meyers at Lake Smedberg



Scott Wales, making the hard climb from Matterhorn Canyon up to Miller Lake on a really hot afternoon.

A hell of a nice guy who is pushing himself hard to make the Pacific Crest Trail up to Canada before Winter snows close the trail across the Cascades.

I say slow down a bit, relax, and enjoy the views.



Scott Wales making the stiff climb to Bensen Pass from Matterhorn Canyon



This is Leshia and Jim from Pasadena.

They are walking towards Kennedy Meadows for their resupply, then on to points North.

They looked good and strong. Look at those smiles on their faces!

See,this is living!




Leshia and Jim



This is Tom and Ian, on this side of McCabe Creek, and their pal John, on the other side of the Creek.

They are from Santa Cruz, Ca, and I did not note their destination.

But I believe they were headed up the Big Climb up to Mille Lake.





Tom, Ian, and John at McCabe Creek Ford




The irrepressable Metzgers, Don and Laurie, doing the Tuolumne Meadows to Lake Tahoe backpacking trip.

Real nice folks






Don and Laurie Metzger heading up towards Cold Canyon

Bensen Lake at First Light

Bensen Lake at first light


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