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Antelope Valley from Rodriquez Flat
  View Northeast from Rodriquez Flat into Antelope Valley  

Late July to Early August 2010: High Sierra Trail Culture Report II




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Heading Up the Eastern Flank of the Sierras on Mill Canyon and Golden Gate Roads to the Corral Valley Trail head in Rodriquez Flat

Friday, July 23, and Saturday, the 24th

No Company! No Trail Culture! Just Me!

After leaving Stroker at the junction between Hwys 395 and 108, so he could head South to Bridgeport, my ride brought me North on Highway 395 to Mill Canyon Road.

Mill Canyon Road shortly intersects with the Golden Gate (Mine) Road, where you veer right to follow the Golden Gate Road up to Rodriquez Flat, where our Corral Valley trail head is located.

The Golden Gate Road is a high quality dirt road leading 6.75 miles in distance and 3000 feet up in elevation to both my trail head at Corral Valley, as well as the Little Antelope Pack Station.

I would have no company on this remote, 2 day long, section of my trip between Hwy 395 and the Pacific Crest Trail.

That's because I was entering the Sierras by hiking up through a remote section of the Eastern Flank of the Sierras.

Yes, I walked the whole length and elevation of Golden Gate Road from Highway 395 to the trail head. It is pretty remote, so I was not surprized that I did not get a ride up. It happens. But it put me a half-day behind schedule.

To reach the main North-South trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, I was required continue West, to cross two river valleys, the Silver King and the East Carson River, as well as navigate through a significantly difficult cross-country section along the East Fork of the Carson River, before I could finally join up with the Pacific Crest Trail.

I reached the junction of the East Carson River "Trail" and the Pacific Crest Trail as evening fell on Saturday, July 23, after a grueling hike. The PCT was quiet.

There are two campsites at the East Fork of the Carson River and the Pacific Crest Trail junction.

One is on the Pacific Crest Trail itself, a rather small and uneven site, and the other is about 100 yards down the East Carson Trail. This site is rather expansive, with numerous flats for tents or sleeping bags.

The next day, Saturday the 24th of July, I started South on the Pacific Crest Trail, and soon ran into a whole bunch of Pacific Crest Trailers heading North.

For more about this part of the trip, from Rodriquez Flat to the Pacific Crest Trail, see

Walker to Sonora Pass: A Great Three Season Backpacking Trip. Marines, Leavitt Peak, and Snow Trips Too! June 1, 2010 Update...

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Corral Valley to PCT at East Carson River

The E Carson Headwaters to the Sonora Pass

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

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Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

Stubblefield Canyon to Cold Canyon

Cold Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows



Eastern Flank Sierra Entry through Mill Canyon Golden Gate Road to Rodriquez Flat and the Corral Valley trail head

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Looking East at Antelope Valley from Golden Gate Road.

Unlike the extensive Western Sierra Foothills, The Sierra's Eastern flank ends abruptly, and steeply.

Antelope Valley from Golden Gate Road

The Golden Gate Mine's Mill.

About a mile past the mill a "scruffy" bear crossed the road.

It got into the forest again before I could get a picture.

A "scruffy" is a three or four year old bear who is no longer protected by mom, and not yet established.

They are scruffy looking.

Golden Gate Mill

Clamper Monument about the Golden Gate Mine

see enlarged version

Clamper Monument of Golden Gate Mine
  The trail sign at Rodriquez Flat, 8000 feet elevation, at the end of the Golden Gate Road. This sign greets you at the top of Golden Gate Road

Flowers, 8200 feet, above Rodriquez Flat, July 2010

Spring flowers bloom on trail heading West from Rodriquez Flat, July 22, 2010. Large View.

  Vic Bergstrom was getting close to retirement, and the Little Antelope Pack Station was pretty quiet, until Joe Cereghino bought it from Vic. Joe has really revved up activity there. Good Luck, Joe! Little Antelope Pack Station is busy again!

Bear in Poison Flat, between Silver King and E Carson Rivers, June, 2010

Bear in Poison Flat, between Silver King and E Carson Rivers, June 2, 2010. Not a scruffy. A fine looking young adult. It was not happy to see me at all.

  Behind the Pack Station and just down the trail from the Corral Valley trail head, you enter the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, heading West towards the Sierra Crest. Enterning the Carson-Iceberg at Rodriquez Flat

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Bear at Silver King Camp

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Aloha Lake below Pyramid Peak, in the Desolation Wilderness
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