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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station
High Sierra Trail Culture Report V: Late July to Early August 2010


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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station: A full day off at Kennedy Meadows!

Saturday and Sunday, July 24 and 25

I arrived at Kennedy Meadows late in the Afternoon.

I had stashed my resupply with Cheryl, in the Kennedy Meadows Store when I was heading over to the East side of the Sierras to begin my backpacking trip.

It was safe with her, so I would


This is Dodge, Scott, and Krissy.

They had stopped and picked up their resupply at Kennedy Meadows.

They kicked it for a short while, then headed up to the Sonora Pass to continue North the next day.


Krissy, Scott, and Dodge Resupply at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

pick it up late Sunday, and pack it up before my Monday departure.

You see, I had planned to spend one whole day off at Kennedy Meadows.

A quarter of a day off on Saturday would not be enough, so I was going to spend all Sunday resting and eating at Kennedy Meadow's fine Restaurant. I consider Kennedy Meadows Restaurant the best food, and the best deal, between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

For more information on the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station, and why you should send your Resupply to Kennedy Meadows,

This is Colin, one of Matt's Horsepackers, leading a couple of loaded mules into the Emigrant Wilderness to supply somebody.

These boys start early in the morning.





Colin heading out with loaded mules

instead of going all the way to Bridgeport, see the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station Resupply Page.

I also met Jesse Mestrovic at Kennedy Meadows.

Jesse is conducting a Wilderness survey to identify conflict between various users as his Masters Thesis for the University of West Virginia.

I hope to publish an abstract of the results when they become avaiable.

So far this year we have run into Jesse, and a frog counting team.

Last year we met geologists, anthropologists, and a small mammal counting team in the sierras.

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This is Matt, a Walking Ranger for the Stanislaus National Forest.

It's his day off.

But Matt's not a cop. Matt breaks up illegal campsites and such.

Matt loves to climb in the Sierras, and especially Yosemite.




Matt, the Walking Ranger, at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Trail Culture Index

Hwy 395 to Corral Valley

Corral Valley to PCT at East Carson River

The E Carson Headwaters to the Sonora Pass

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Hiking towards Brown Bear Pass

Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

Stubblefield Canyon to Cold Canyon

Cold Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows

This is Quince the Dog. Quince is a pretty serious companion, and does not like frivilious conversation, as you can see by the distinctive look on his face.


Quince the Dog



Big regional topo map


Casey is the Saloon Keeper at Kennedy Meadows.

Casey keeps his eye on alot of things besides the Saloon.

Casey knows the nags, and the people who ride them.






Casey the Bartender



This is the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station Lobby.

I find myself spending some time sitting in the comfortable chairs chatting with Joan, or taking shit from Bloom.

Matt thinks I'm a hippy from Berkeley. I'm from Berkeley.





Kennedy Meadows Lobby



This is Joan and her pet bear in their natural environments.

But I have never seen a bear with that look on its face, thank god.

But that is Joan's natural look of friendly compentence.

Joan will set you up with everything available at Kennedy Meadows.



Joan, compentent and kind

This is Oz the Dog. Oz is a bit more of a player than Quince. Oz is just a good dude.

Oz has playful streak, and approches about everything as an adventure.

Oz the Dog

This is the Chuckwagon. Really.

I think it's weekends that Kennedy Meadows has chuckwagon dinners with music, stories, and a bunch of food. Call KM for details.


Chuck Wagon

This is the dancefloor in the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station Saloon.

The walls are covered with pictures of cowboys who worked here in decades past.


Dance Floor



The Kennedy Meadows Saloon.




The Saloon

Colin and Chuckwagon having a drink after a long day.





Colin and Chuck Wagon

The Kennedy Meadows Stables incorporate the terrain as part of the enclosure.
Kennedy Meadows Stables use the natural terrain


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