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Rainbow Bar above the East Fork of the Carson, May 2002
  Flat rainbar above East Carson River, May 2002. These are pretty rare...I got up after a long day, climbed a ridge, and caught this picture.  
High Sierra Trail Culture Report III: Late July to Early August 2010


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Pacific Crest Trail South from the East Fork of the Carson River Trail Junction to the East Carson Headwaters Bowl

Saturday, the 24th of July

Joining up with the Pacific Crest Trail at its junction with the East Carson River.

Heavy Pacific Crest Trail Hiker Traffic encountered!

I rejoined the Pacific Crest Trail at its junction with the East Carson River Trail. Map.

This junction sits about 9 miles to the North of Sonora Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail.

At Sonora Pass I am planning on hitching down to Kennedy Meadows where I will follow a section of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route across the Emigrant Wilderness into the Yosemite Back Country. Big Map.


Stacks, who hails from Ohio, was rolling and smoking on down The Long Trail. He was averaging 20 miles a day throught the difficulties of the High Sierras.

Stacks noted that the extremes of the trip, from Hot Desert to High Snowy Mountains, was exhilerating.

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This map is not yet finished, but the route heads from Kennedy Meadows to Bond Pass.

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High Sierra Trail Culture 2010

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Seth and Merlin in East Carson heading South towards Tuolumne Meadows from Donner Summit, where they began their trip.

Seth is from Humboldt County, California.

They were on their 11th day, with one resupply along the way. They too were headed to Kennedy Meadows, to meet Seth's Dad, resupply, and continue on down the Pacific Crest Trail to Tuolumne Meadows.

I had a nice talk with Seth's Dad at Kennedy Meadows. Good people, all.

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Seth and Merlin in East Carson heading South towards Tuolumne

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Hwy 395 to Corral Valley

Corral Valley to PCT at East Carson River

The E Carson Headwaters to the Sonora Pass

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Hiking towards Brown Bear Pass

Brown Bear Pass to Stubblefield Canyon

Stubblefield Canyon to Cold Canyon

Cold Canyon to Tuolumne Meadows




WC is a PCTer from San Jose, California.

Wiff related he was really was impressed by the massive mountain passes, and watching the trail make the transition from Spring to Summer conditions as he hiked North.

Sorry, I can't find Wiffel Chicken's Picture

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This is what I call a "PCT 2+2." This is when a group of two hikers joins up with another group of 2 hikers.

You see it all the time on the long trail, as people covering the same mileage every day start hiking together.

I know Gouda is from North Carolina, but I would love to hear from you guys about all the facts I missed.

Gouda and Man Up quote:

"A month is a short trip"

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Man up and Gouda heading North on the PCT North of Sonora Pass Lady Leave no Trace and her buddie...
  Lady Leave no Trace, (no name-send it to me!) Gouda, and Man Up


The real star of this show is the beautiful terrain.

This is a waterfall through a granite pocket gorge along the East Fork of the Carson River.


East Carson River Waterfall





Big Foot, Wide Angle, Stanimal, and Turbo.

Turbo, at Right, is from New Zeland.

Trail Journals

Big Foot



Four PCTers heading North along the East Carson River

All of the hikers I met on this page were hiking below the headwaters bowl of the East Carson. They had already seen the long view from the top, and were now traveling South through the forest.

I, on the other hand, was heading South, up to the headwaters bowl, where you can get a long view of this valley cut by Ancient Glaciers, now filled by the East Carson River.

Long climb rewarded with view of East Carson River Valley Hunter's Camp sunset high up in the East Carson Headwaters Bowl
Looking Back, North, at the Valley of the East Carson River that we have just climbed out of, still draped in a few early morning shadows. Sunset from a nice camp in the East Carson River's headwaters bowl, situated right at the top of the treeline.

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Contact: Alex Wierbinski

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Bear at Silver King Creek                                                                                                                                                             Lake Aloha below Pyramid Peak
Bear at Silver King Camp

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Aloha Lake below Pyramid Peak, in the Desolation Wilderness
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