Side Picture: Blood Red Sunset from Round Top Title: Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney: Crown Jewel of the Pacific Crest Trail Side Picture: Lost Cabin Mine
Banner: Duck Lake telephoto from the Carson Gap
Round Top Sunset
Woods Lake from the Carson Gap exiting Tahoe Basin during early Spring
Lost Cabin Mine



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Tahoe to Whitney

Why Support Tahoe to Whitney?
Let's examine our goals to see if they run parallel with yours.

Where we Are and Where we are Going


The Dream
The purpose of Tahoe to Whitney is many-faceted. The first and foremost is to actualize my dream of sharing the experience, beauty, and many benefits of engaging Nature on its own terms.

Specifically, we aim to logically prep every aspect of you to hike from Tahoe to Whitney.

This begins with presenting and engaging folks with information through the trail guide, grows into exchanging information through the forums, and will come to full fruition with the launch of the High Sierra Backpacker Magazine.

All of these efforts are in the construction phase.

Back to the Future
Each of these aspects of my efforts possesses a bit of something old, such as a "classic" approach to trail guide writing, and something new, such as a whole new way to present a classic trail guide in the Digital Age. Let's examine each aspect of my goals carefully.


Trail Guide
The Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide is my attempt to evolve trail guide writing into the digital age.

Tahoe to Whitney is establishing a permanent, free, web-based full feature "classic" literary trail guide using all the powers of the internet to fully present all aspects of the High Sierra

Imagery, maps, videos, and all classic literary aspects of the Wilderness experience are being brought together and offered up in a digital trail guide presentation as never seen before.

The Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide is as close to a digital "coffee table book" as the internet and the nature of the task allows. Tahoe to Whitney was made to be viewed on the biggest screen possible for the widest view of the Sierra we can capture.

Tahoe to Whitney is a coffee table book that talks back to you.

Oh My!

Backpacker Forum
The Tahoe to Whitney Forum is being constructed to give the trail guide "legs" beyond our contemporary time and current observations.

While the trail guide will present "snapshots" of the classic High Sierra Trails at points in time, the Trails Forum allows hikers to communicate and post updates about current conditions and reports as conditions change over time.

Over time the slow build up of trail changes requires the guide be significantly updated. The Forum will keep us up to date between guide updates and eventually provide a record of incremental changes to trail and terrain over time. We will watch the evolution of routes, terrain, weather, and how backpackers respond over time.

In the meantime you all have found the real, human resource behind Tahoe to Whitney, ME, has unselfishly shared my time, knowledge, and consultations to all backpackers who venture a query.

Alex Wierbinski

Using the web as a personal portal to real engagement is a rare thing nowadays in our depersonalized age of digital gratifications.
Tahoe to Whitney is the way out.


The Goal
The Guide and Forum are just the beginnings, the foundations supporting Tahoe to Whitney's main goal Our long-term literary goal is that the guide and forum be the foundations of knowledge and personal resources from which to launch a new backpacking magazine titled,
"The High Sierra Backpacker."

The Sierra Backpacker Magazine will center its coverage on the annual cycle of High Sierra backpacking, our weather, gear, environment, policy and politics affecting Nature, and everything of influence and interest to High Sierra backpackers and backpackpackers

Science, History, Art,... and Dirt and Rock.
The Web of Life, and how to keep it alive and get it back to growing.

These are our goals:
To create a real-time vortex of backpacker knowledge and experience that anyone can draw on or add to. The magazine will draw these libraries of trail knowledge and experience together into an informative and entertaining presentation of real-time conditions, historical understanding, all pointing to direct engagement. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, once I finish working myself to death building it.

That's even become fun, because of you-all, and the beauty and power of the subject.

Post-Publication Goal
At that point I hope to have the magazine, guide, forum, and audience and advertizers sufficient to fund and launch a perpetual self-funding non-profit organization to fund and run the real goal, which is establishing the,

"Tahoe to Whitney School of Pack."


The School of Pack
Tahoe to Whitney believes that Nature, Natural experience and engagement is the "Missing Link" necessary to provide meaning, context, and balance to the social world.

Tahoe to Whitney seeks to create a trail guide and magazine revenue sufficient to support 20 3 week "scholarships" to urban and city kids who would not otherwise have any Natural

I know a great range of artists, musicians, scientists, atheletes, students, trail crew, and other professionals and kids who will be trained as counselors.

I will gather the tools when the time comes.

The School of Pack will be free to most working-class and poor kids, with a few "buy- ins." It will have an application process requiring physical and intellectual engagement to qualify for a scholarship. Successful applicants will be required to focus their academic and physical efforts to qualify for the School of Pack.

Successful students of the School of Pack will subsequently be trained, tracked, and motivated to find their potentials in society and Nature. Graduates of the School of Pack will be utilized as future SOP conselors, and tracked into healthy productive lives.

Those are my goals, this is my mission.

Tahoe to Whitney is the device to reach them.

Potential sponsors will be solicited as progress continues.
Contact Alex for details.

I will eventually need vans, packs, sacks, clothes, gear, and volunteers.

Thanks for your support by being here, if not contributing.

Join me on this long, necessary journey.

More Information-Member Application

The Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide and Forum have been built, funded, and supported by my individual efforts, with help from friends and family.


If you feel these efforts are valuable to you,
you are invited to support them here:

Pay Pal Donations Link

This is the first full and free classic trail guide of and on the web.

A True "Digital Book"

Why Support Tahoe to Whitney?
Mission Statement

Tahoe to Whitney


First, those family and friends who have offered endless personal support.

Second, all you backpackers who've expressed appreciation are really appreciated. Thanks.

Third, all you members and backpackers who've both reached out and taken the time to participate. "Member services," meaning the automatic features connecting members with a vast amount of backpacking information will improve even as they are primitive at this time.

I will continue to personally opertate all the features that will make this an informative resource for backpackers of all ages, locations, and skill levels as I build the permenant guide and forum content.

If you like what this trail guide and forum are doing now, just wait until you see them finished, and capped by the,
High Sierra Backpacker Magazine!

Thank You,
Happy Trails

Your Host,
Alex Wierbinski


Backpacker Forums

Have a great Sierra Nevada trip or story to relate? A fine piece of gear? Or gear that failed?
Post it on
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If you have experiences, comments, questions, or pictures and videos about the trail between Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney, post up here.

All backpackers can comment.
Members can post their own pages with images, videos and text.

Backpacking Trails Forum
Tahoe to Whitney Trails Forums
Backpacking Topics Forum
Tahoe to Whitney Topics

The Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide and Forum have been built, funded, and supported by my individual efforts, with help from friends and family.


If you feel these efforts are valuable to you,
you are invited to support them here:

Pay Pal Donations Link

This is the first full and free classic trail guide of and on the web.

A True "Digital Book"

Why Support Tahoe to Whitney?
Mission Statement

Alex Wierbinski

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